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drupal XSS filtering removes unrecognized tags

So I just installed drupal 7.10 and am playing around with it a bit.  I changed my site name to david->writes(‘<drupal>’);.  What I got was david->writes(”);.  I got the same thing when trying to post this message to the drupal forums, as I figured I might.  So I manually escaped it.  I figured the validation was removing the <drupal> “tag”, so I found where this takes place in the_filter_xss_split function in includes/common.inc.

If the text looks like a tag, but is not one of the listed supported tags, an empty string is returned. Seems a little lazy really. So, on line 1411, I changed the

return '';


return '&lt;'.$elem.'&gt;';

Anyway, my site name shows up correctly now.

I haven’t tested this thoroughly, but I don’t see how it would cause a problem. It’s just a little escape action.

Has anyone else seen this and fixed it? Anyone see any potential problems? Other comments?

P.S.  View the forum conversation here:  http://drupal.org/node/1412910

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