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Human affinity for bass

Why do humans like bass in their music so much? I have a hypothesis I stumbled on while listening to music pretty loudly with the bass turned up and noticing it scared my dog. Perhaps if we go back far enough, we find something akin to African drum circles. What purpose would these serve? To […]

How big ARE those numbers?

So, I was on my way home and noticed a nice storm cloud ahead with some pretty lightning. Oooo Ahhh. But what really got me going was looking up at those clouds and wondering, “How much water is up there anyway?” So I googled it. Not a lot of great results off that initial search, […]

My First Blog

I’m new to this blogging thing, but lately I’ve been really interested in “becoming a cloud.” I’ve always been a nerd, but have been somewhat opposed to trends. But this is the way the world is going. Everything is becoming connected. It accelerates every day. Twitter, for example, is seeing membership increase percentages in the […]